In English

Refereed / Blind Reviewed Articles

2019 Mystic Lear and Laughing Hamlet: Critical Cultural Dramaturgy in the Iranian Appropriations of Shakespearean Tragedies” with Amin Azimi. Asian Theatre Journal 36:1.
2018 “Desacralizing Whispers: Theatrical Counter-Conduct in the Iranian War Theatre.” New Theatre Quarterly, V. 34: 3, Cambridge University Press.
2018 “B for Badan, Blessed and (B)othered: the Counter-Sacred in the Iranian Theatre of War.”Ecumenica 11:2 (The journal of Theatre and Religion).

Non- Refereed Articles

2016 “The Politics of Festival Performing and Conforming.” The Drama Review (TDR). Issue 229, 79-92.
Impact Measures: #2 in Drama and Theatre Arts (2017 Google Scholar Metrics).
2013 “We Lived, We Wrote, in Tehran, in Toronto: My Critical Memoir of Her Prison Memoir,” Cultural Diversity and the Stage, Vol. 10: 3. 11-13.


Book Chapters

2019 “Moments of Encounter: Iranian-Canadian Immigrant Theatre” with Art Babayants. Performing Canadian Frontiers: Theatre and (Im)Migration, ed. by Yana Meerzon. Playwright Canada Press, 2019.
2017 “Iranian Theatre in 2016: A Bird’s-eye View on a Thriving Stage.” ITI Theatre Yearbook, International Theatre Institute (ITI)- Japan (also available in Japanese).
2014 “Dramaturgy in Post-revolution Iran: Problems and Prospects,” Routledge Companion to Dramaturgy, ed. by Magda Romanska, London: Routledge. 68-74.


2019 “Amal Means Incurable Hope: An Interview with Rahaf Fasheh on Directing Tales of A City by the Sea at the University of Toronto.” Arab Stages, Vol. 10, Spring 2019.
2017 Iranian Theatre, Its Discontinuity and Discontent: An Interview with Amin Azimi, Part I and Part II,
2014 Interview with Mohammad Yaghoubi, Acclaimed Iranian Playwright and Director,

Book Reviews

2017 Review of Inside/Outside: Six Plays from Palestine and the Diaspora ed. by Ismail Khalidi and Naomi Wallace, Critical Stages (The IATC webjournal) Issue No. 15.
2016 Review of Political Performance in Syria: From the Six-Day War to the Syrian Uprising by Edward Ziter, Critical Stages (The IATC webjournal), Issue No. 14.

Web-Based Publications

2016 Thirteen news and featured articles on Iranian theatre, (list is available upon request), link to the list

In Persian

2018 Translation of Our Town by Thornton Wilder. Ney Publication, Tehran, Iran (first published in 2008 by Rokhdād-e No, Tehran, Iran)
2008 Translation of Rabbit Hole by David Lindsay-Abaire. Rokhdād-e No, Tehran, Iran

In Japanese

2017 Iranian Theatre in 2016: A Bird’s-eye View on a Thriving Stage.” ITI Theatre Yearbook, International Theatre Institute (ITI)- Japan

Translation into Persian

2020 Our Town by Thornton Wilder. Nashr-i Niy (Ney), Tehran, Iran.
2008 Rabbit Hole by David Lindsay Abbair. Rukhdād-i Nu, Tehran, Iran.