Digital Guide to Theatre of the Middle East 『DGTOME』

『DGTOME』The Digital Guide to Theatre of the Middle East: 21st Century Volume provides essential information on the best-known, best-loved, most significant, and most influential plays/theatrical works written and/or performed in the MENA theatre in the last two decades.

The goal behind making this digital guide is to offer it to theater scholars and professors hoping to assign theater from the contemporary Middle East in their syllabi and to program it in universities in the U.S. and Canada. Priority is given to plays with sociopolitical themes and written/created by minority groups including women, LGBTQ, and underrepresented religious and ethnic groups.

As the Principle Investigator of DGTOME, I am proud to announce that a transnational group of experts and artists from Iran, Egypt, Iraq, Syria, and Turkey have joined the project, and the database is expanding rapidly.

If you are interested in contributing or if you know an expert who might be interested, please contact me or the Principle Investigator of the project at

Stay tuned for the link to the website of the 『DGTOME』